Monday, December 01, 2008

And the Winner Is......

Thelma has won the drawing for Just Enough Grace!

I used the oh-so-scientific method of putting the names of those who entered on slips of paper and shaking them all together in a straw hat and my assistant, my seven-year-old son, drew out Thelma's name. Thelma, please e-mail me at with an address for me to send your book and I'll get it in the mail to you.

Thank you to all of you who entered, and now I'll make another shameless plug for Heather's book. Please visit here for more information about the book and how to order a copy.


Thelma said...

Oh my word......gratitude and thankfulness does not begin to explain what getting on here and reading this means. Tears are rolling down my face because this week......I have had "Just Enough Grace". Both my girls were violently ill from a stomach virus and ended up in the hospital for dehydration back to back...I will blog on this later after I have had some sleep.

Being the one picked.....all I can say is a GOD THING becaue this week has been awful. Watching my two babies go through so much....and only being able to rely on God's grace because Daddy had to work and care for the one not in the hospital at that time......well......that is just it....I had enough, just enough of God's grace to get me through......prayers of thanksgiving .....God is beyond amazing. And this Mommy heart.....can realize that even when I dont know it......God is doing something for me that while to others it might seem me it is HUGE. Thanks Rebekah. And I will blog more on the girls illness later. We just arrived home from the hospital and I checked here....LOL. So now being much sleep deprived I am off to take a nap with my 5 year old. My 2 year old is at grandma's and my son is at achool. God bless you my friend.

Rebekah said...

I'm so sorry your girls were so sick. I'm very glad they are doing better now and I'm also glad that winning the book is a blessing - I hope you enjoy it!

Thelma said...

thanks.......and I am sure I will. Heather is a blessing