Saturday, December 27, 2008

Phrase for the Week at My House:

"It's on the truck."

Our house was packed up Monday, December 15, so we have been living out of suitcases and not in our own beds for almost two weeks now. It's getting old.

Not really to complain or anything, but, we've been sleeping on an air mattress since last Sunday. Tomorrow is one week. My back hurts. We also have nowhere to sit besides two lawn chairs or the floor. And it has become a running joke around here that when we go to reach for something we need, the very next thought that hits is, "Nope, it's on the truck." I really needed an oven mitt the other day, but I couldn't bring myself to pay $16 for the only one I could find at the store we were in when I had several perfectly good ones sitting, you guessed it, on the truck. I made do with dish towels and now I have a blister on my little finger, but it's okay.

Though we have moved six times in our fifteen years of marriage, some from one town to another and some just across the same town, we have never had a moving company do it for us. We've always moved ourselves. Now that we are experiencing it this way, I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

This time around I did not have to pack everything myself, woo-hoo!, and Drew and I did not have to impose on our friends, neighbors and relations to help us load all the heavy stuff into a truck. Those are definite pluses. BUT, this time around we are at the mercy of the moving truck driver and his timetable, and throwing in Christmas and the driver's very understandable need to be with his family for the holiday, we are twelve days in an unfurnished house trying not to climb the walls and very ready to sleep in a real bed. Counting the two days our stuff was packed up before being loaded on the truck, it will actually have been 14 days since we've felt any semblance of being settled by the time the moving truck shows up on Monday.

Hence the boring blog fare of late. It will get better. I hope. Judging by the sitemeter stats, readership has dropped to rates almost as low as when I first started this blog, and I haven't really been able to read many of my regular stops much lately either.

Very much looking forward to seeing our furniture again, and really, really, looking forward to seeing my washer and dryer again (I never thought I'd say out loud that I was looking forward to doing laundry, but after spending three hours in the creepy basement laundry room with a light that was on a timer and would shut off leaving me in the dark if I forgot to reset it every 15 minutes, I'm very ready to have my own machines in my own basement.), and really, really, really, really looking forward to seeing my own bed again.

Looking very forward to seeing the moving truck on Monday!


Mrs. H said...

Being that it's now Monday, I'm wishing you a very happy "There it is!" day as you watch your household be unloaded. Happy Unpacking!

Lisa writes... said...

Hope the truck arrives safely with its cargo intact!