Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Move is On

Well, the packers came yesterday and the house is all boxed up waiting for the truck to come tomorrow to load it all and move it across the country. Things have been kind of stressed here, but it won't be long now. I got to see our new house last weekend when I went to visit Drew, and he did good! I like it, and I know the kids will, too. I have a lot of blog posts percolating, but they will just have to wait until we get moved in and settled a bit. So, the blog will be quiet for a bit, except for one I have autoposting on Thursday, and I'll see ya'll later! Please pray for our family as we travel this weekend and try to get settled in our new place.


Anonymous said...

I hope everything goes well!

char said...

We will miss you! char

Thelma said...

We will miss you. And I will be praying. Seeing as how dh and I have moved 5 times in 9 years since I married my hubby.....most of it 1 or more kids in tow (once while 12 weeks pg...not so fun).......I know it can be stressful and a busy time!