Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Boo. Hoo.

I hate to bump my last post with this, but I read this and I just had to say: Do you blame her? I think I'd steer clear, very clear, very very very clear, too. Oprah. UGH. I don't even watch her show (can you say colossal waste of time and I have no desire to fill my head with her weird spirituality) - I think if I ever had the misfortune to be famous enough to be asked I hope I'd decline to be on it, too. And yes, I meant to say misfortune. I relish my obscurity, thankyouverymuch.


Kim said...

Good for Mrs. Palin. Orpah would probably just poke fun at her anyway.

I noticed that the headlines talk about Oprah's continual battle with her weight.

I couldn't care less.

Lisa writes... said...

Isn't it funny (ironic) that even though the media evidently despises Sarah Palin, they can't get enough of her? I mean, really, a story on one of Oprah's NON-guests?

By the way, nice to "see" you! I've been scarce around the internet and have missed my Sweet Tea visits!

Hope your move is a smooth one...