Thursday, January 01, 2009

Life With Boys

This being New Year's Day, I suppose I should write a reflective post, but I'm not going to. I'm too tired right now to be eloquent and reflective. But, here are a few random thoughts anyway, just because I have a blog and I'm not afraid to use it for random thoughts and it's been a long time since I've written much of anything.

First of all, I did not think Drew and I were very materialistic until I started unpacking all these boxes. There are a LOT of boxes that came off that moving truck on Monday, all intact and everything is accounted for - even M's $15.00 ear plugs that he has to wear to protect his ears when he showers. I found them today when I finished his room. Ahhhhh. I won't go into much detail telling you how I couldn't sleep last night because I didn't find them when I emptied the boxes marked "bathroom items" where I was just sure they would be. So I rejoiced when I found them at the very bottom of the very last of the "M_______'s bedroom" boxes tonight (of course they would be in the last box). He's been using throw away ones during the transition, and he was really glad I found them, too - especially since the last time he lost his ear plugs and I had to buy new ones, we told him he'd have to buy the next set if he lost them again. So he was very happy, too. I wouldn't have made him pay for ear plugs lost in the move, however. He doesn't know that, though.

Anyway, with all these boxes and how hard it is to find places to put all the stuff in them, I think one New Year's thing for me to think about is "downsizing" and "purging extraneous stuff." We've already taken a lot to the trash or to Goodwill. Too bad we didn't do it before the move. I have to brag on my husband. He has come a long way in doing away with his tendency to be a packrat. He's doing a whole lot of the throwing away this time around, and I'm so proud of him. The boys are throwing a lot away, too. They just don't know they are. Heh, heh, heh. "You can't find what, son? Oh, that must have gotten lost in the move......" Okay, most of the stuff I'm tossing, they will never even miss. I'm sure of it.

This morning, needing a break from unpacking and being cooped up in the house, we took a short road trip to the Lone Elk Park, not too far from where we live, and saw real, live bison grazing along the trail. That was really cool. Until M piped up from the backseat and said, very seriously, "Do bison pee?"

To which J answered, "Everything pees."

Which then devolved into a very strange conversation between the two of them as M tried to explain how some things do not pee, and, I found it really funny, in spite of myself. Drew and I laughed so hard. He looked at me and said, "There's a blog post for you."

To which I say, everything pees except the two year old I'm having a time potty training. I'm starting to have fears that she'll be the only kindergartner in her class in a few years who is still in diapers. I'm feeling like a real failure in the potty training arena these days. And now I cannot believe I actually wrote a blog post with the word 'pee' in it. Maybe I should just quit the blog now before it gets worse.

I won't gross you out with the dinner time discussion tonight. Suffice it to say that bison piddles were not the extent of my sons' speculations. Drew and I had the hardest time at one point not letting them see us dissolve into laughter while we tried to steer them onto more appropriate dinner table conversation. Toots, burps and such are very much beloved topics of conversation to my boys. I don't know where I've erred. I've tried to civilize them. Truly I have.

Sigh. I told you this would not be a reflective post. I really hope to be back to better blogging soon.....


Lisa writes... said...

If it makes you feel better, all four of my children were (past) THREE AND A HALF before they were potty trained! I never did figure out the "trick" except realizing it's the one thing they can control and I couldn't MAKE them do it (obviously)...

Glad you're getting settled in!

Rebekah said...

Thank you, Lisa. That actually does make me feel better.

Heather said...

Oh SNORT, Beck!

Firstly, two and in major life transition?? It would be the saintly and perfect child what WOULD be potty training right now. Give yourself a huge old break.

Second, LOL! J just taught M to burp on command. Both find it hilarous. If you've erred, I share in your sin. Mea Culpa.

Have a great day and thanks for the giggle.

Rebekah said...

Thank you, Heather. I know you're right. It's just that the Sunday School teacher for R's class last week made us feel so odd that she wasn't trained already that I started thinking maybe we had messed up by waiting so long. We knew trying to start before the move would be too much, so we've started this week, but I'm seeing just how hard it's going to be.....

Glad to have provided a chuckle - and our M burps on command, too.

Thelma said...

rebekah said
"To which I say, everything pees except the two year old I'm having a time potty training."

yeah my 2 year old as well and yours will not be the only kindergartener in diapers mine will too. She WAS doing good until her hospital trip....since then.....nada. asked her yesterday don't you want to be a big girl and wear panties like sissy......."No I baby"......and brought me a diaper.....sigh. I hear ya............waaaaaaaaaaaah

Are Mommy's allowed to cry about their children not making the pee pee in the potty? see I said pee too.....LOL