Friday, January 30, 2009

Counting Some Recent Blessings:Finding My Way Around

Rejoice with me! I’m counting some blessings today and celebrating God’s kindness in the successful stepping out of my comfort zone in several areas at the same time. I started to write just one post, but it ended up being three pages long, so I’m breaking this up into parts that I’ll post separately.

I may have mentioned a time or two what a homebody I am. Part of that little personality trait leads to me being very uncomfortable finding my way around in new surroundings, especially in driving on city highways. And I live in a big city now. Thankfully it is fairly easy to navigate, and I almost never have to go downtown, so the adjustment has been gradual and not terribly difficult so far. For the most part I can find most anything I need right around the general area of our house and don’t have to venture into too many confusing places. We live off a main road, so it’s easy to find things. Anyway, I joined a MOPS group that meets at our church (I may write more about that later if I can sort out the thoughts I have mulling around), and my small group has planned a games night get together at the home of one of the ladies. Here’s where we discuss my very small comfort zone and my need to break free. I have met these ladies exactly once, at the first and only meeting that we’ve had since I joined and before tonight. I’m stepping out and going tonight, because I really want to make some connections here and because Drew says I need to. Anyway, I have the directions for how to get to there from here, and they involve, gasp, getting on the Interstate and another big highway. Not my forte. But, I took a trial run this morning and found my way to the neighborhood easily. Hooray! Going back home, however, I ended up taking the wrong exit back onto the, gasp, interstate. I realized very soon that I was going the wrong direction, however, and thankfully traffic wasn’t all that bad, for here anyway – it was way more traffic than we had back ‘on the island,’ but I got off and found my way back to the correct direction and back to my road and on to our house. I’m really glad I did that this morning and now I know how to get home tonight in the dark, and I’m very thankful that God granted me the peace to not panic when I realized I wasn’t where I wanted to be. You’d have to know me and how very, very uncomfortable I am driving to really understand what a mercy that was....

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