Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Status Report - Wednesday, Jan. 21

Borrowing from my blog friend Lisa again, I present you with my latest status report:

Sitting…at my computer desk (duh) and wishing for more inspired blog thoughts to flow onto the screen. Unfortunately they are probably flowing from someone else’s fingers onto someone else’s blog. Sorry.

Eating…popcorn, popped in the microwave as an after school snack for the boys and their little sister who also loves ‘poppers’. Let’s face it, I really popped it for the mommy who was craving it all afternoon, but we’ll just say it was for the boys.

Drinking…sweet tea. I broke down and put real sugar in it. Not much, but enough. Here’s the thing, we have dinner at church tonight, and, well, we’re not in the South anymore. Lemonade, water, hot chocolate and coffee are the drink choices. No iced tea. So I’m bringing my own. As an aside, did you know that down South when you order tea, if you want it without sugar you usually have to specify “UNSWEET” and really make sure they hear that “UN” loud and clear or you’ll get tea-syrup (I don’t make mine the real ‘southern’ way). Anywhere else, you have to specify “SWEET” if you don’t want it without sugar. If they even offer it with sugar at all. Lots of places don’t. Just sayin’.

Sore….everywhere. Arms, legs, back, everywhere. Drew signed us up at the local YMCA. The Army gives us a free family membership, but we have to use it on average at least twice a week, or 8 times a month. Free is good. The YMCA here is a very nice facility, the nicest Y I’ve ever visited, in fact. You should see the cool indoor swimming pool. The boys had a blast the other day when Drew took them – there is a huge twisty water slide, and I looked in at it today and I think Boo will love the kiddie pool. I’ve been to exercise twice this week. Yesterday I did the weight circuit and walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Today I was so, so, so sore when I got up this morning. More on that later. Anyway, today it was 45 minutes on the treadmill and no weights – the plan is to do them tomorrow.

Managed…to get the daily recommended 10,000 steps two days in a row. Drew gave me a pedometer that he got while working at his old job at the hospital outpatient rehab. Being a numbers and goal oriented kind of gal, it helps to have the little thing clicking away. It’s really depressing to have it not even get close to the goal after a really busy day, though. Anyway, yesterday I just barely cleared 10,000 steps before bed, but today I’m already at 11,187 and counting. That extra 15 minutes on the treadmill helped.

Motivated…to avoid fatty snacks today. When I got up this morning, I was so sore (did I mention how sore?) that I really, really, really wanted to just roll over and go back to sleep. But I’ve decided to get back on a decent schedule, which has really suffered since the move, and get up early, read my Bible and pray before the kids get up, and be ready to go exercise after dropping them off at school. It almost didn’t happen today. It would have been sooooooo easy to skip the Y this morning. My brain was screaming at me to just skip it. Just go home, Beck, don’t torture your legs today!! But, I got up and took a shower, yes, I’m nutty that way – I can’t go to exercise without taking a shower first, I just can’t wake up enough, and limbered up and went downstairs and had my quiet time and got breakfast and took the boys to school, and then Boo and I headed for the Y. I’m glad I did. If I don’t get the habit established, there’s only me to blame. Anyhow, after forcing myself to go this morning, I found that I really didn’t want to undo the good I’d done by snacking and eating unwisely today. So maybe it’s a good thing it was so hard to get moving today.

Hoping….I’ll stick with it. I’ve got 20 pounds to lose. I know, I know, I said a while back it was 10 or 15. Well, what with the move, not having our kitchen stuff for a long time and eating out too much, feeling depressed and just not being careful about eating, I’ve added back the little I had lost, so now we’re back to trying to lose 15 or 20 pounds again.

Proud…of my boys for getting along so well lately. Monday was a GREAT day. We’ve been reading The Fellowship of the Ring together in the evenings, and they got the idea of making rings with paper, markers and tape and they’ve been pretending to be characters from Middle Earth during their free time. And they have been getting along, cooperating, agreeing on rules….I’m pinching myself. Do you think it could possibly last? It is so much fun listening to them play together.

Frustrated....with our cable provider. We have been trying to see about getting DVR added to our current cable package. We get a different answer and vastly different price schedule from every single person we talk to, and they wouldn't talk to me today, as the wife, because Drew's was the only name on the account since he set everything up during those weeks he was here before we came up. Anyway, when I called and told him that, he called the provider and was told that we could not get DVR with our package. When he told me that, I said, then why did the woman today tell me that it was only x number of dollars per month and etc. and why is it listed in our welcome packet as an additional service we can purchase? He's on the phone with a very helpful representative who is scheduling our service right now. Grrr.

Going…to choir tonight, in case anyone was wondering. I’ll just watch LOST tomorrow on the computer. Like you all care. But, no matter, I decided I need to go to choir. Anyway, it's time to get off the computer now.


Lisa writes... said...

Glad to read your report--your boys playing Middle Earth is great!

My condolences on the lack of sweet tea...

Leigh Ann said...

You and your brother are definitely related! As you know, he's a "numbers kind of guy", but it goes beyond that. He's been doing the whole 10,000 steps a day things for months now, and has actually lost something like 12 pounds as a result. Didn't know if he'd told you that or not. BTW, I would love to hear from you when you get a chance. Know you've been busy, just missing my sis-in-law! :-)