Saturday, January 31, 2009

Counting Some Recent Blessings: A Dreaded Task Accomplished

The original post I wrote was so long, I decided to break it up into smaller posts. Click on these to find Part One and Part Two.

I’ve been waking up stressing about the silliest thing for a couple of weeks. M is due for a check of his ears because of the tubes that were put in last August. In fact, he should have been seen in December, but we moved, and I’ve been putting off finding an ENT here. That’s what I kept waking up in the night about. Easily remedied, somehow this somewhat straightforward task fell into my brain fog of inertia keeping me from doing any more than just what had to be done each day. Well, after reading those chapters from Loving God With All Your Mind and determining that I’m going to quit the spiral and think on the things that are true and honorable and so forth that Philippians 4:8 commands and to focus on today as Jesus tells us when commanding us not worry in Matthew 6:34, I decided that what was true and real yesterday was that I could look up providers who are covered under our new insurance plan and make the phone call to our new pediatrician and ask for the referral and make all necessary appointments. Oh, I should probably mention that another little personality quirk for me is that I hate making phone calls. That’s one of those things covered in the retraining my thinking, but just the thought of dialing up the pediatrician, who we have not yet met except for my first call to them to get my kids in their system as required by our new insurance plan and have to go through all the finding a suitable specialist rigmarole was falling under the ‘important, but not what I’m doing today’ category for too long. So, I did it. I made all the necessary phone calls and M now has a scheduled appointment to get him established with a local ENT. And I’m kicking myself for letting it go so long and losing sleep over something so easily remedied. One sure-fire way to alleviate some kinds of depression is to do the next thing and get things done, not procrastinate. I find that when I procrastinate over tasks that I don’t want to do, depression does tend to escalate, but when I just do it, things are much easier. You’d think I would have taken that to heart by now…..

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jen said...

I hate making phone calls too! I thought I was the only one. I must have missed that gene. :)

I'm kind of laughing at your post because I've been saving your blessings posts in bloglines and planning to read, but I guess I'm guilty of a bit of procrastination too...

I'm glad that things are going well for you with the move!