Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday Thoughts

And so today I begin my last year in my thirties. It feels weird to say I’m 39 now. Not bad, just weird.

For my birthday my family gave me a Hershey’s cookbook (they do know me well, don’t they?) and a Wii Fit Plus (they also know my weight loss struggle well). Do you think the one will counteract the other? Seriously, I’m kind of excited about the exercise games. I’ve already set my goals. It was a nice surprise from my husband, and I think my son was more excited than I was about opening the presents. He knew what was in there. I’m looking forward to the actual exercise part, but it is also fun playing the games with the kids - especially the one where you get to fly in the chicken suit. Funny. We even got to put a Mii for the dog in the Wii Fit plaza and that’s just too cute. Even little Boo gets a Mii - she likes the chicken flying game, too.

I suppose I should take time to be reflective on this my 39th birthday, but I don’t so much feel very reflective this morning. Considering I spend a lot of time over thinking, that’s probably not a bad thing today. Contentment is something I’m beginning to understand better as I get older, and I’m so thankful for this. I do pray this year will be one of faithfulness. I think that is the one thing I want to see most in my life is a steady and growing faithful, deep commitment to my Savior. I want to walk with Him each day and take His word to heart and apply it as I read it and learn more of Him. What an awesome God we serve. How overwhelming his mercy and grace and love. And I thank Him for my 39 years of life. How I pray I will not waste the time I still have here.

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