Friday, May 14, 2010

Status Update

Hmmm. I seem to be taking a blogging break. It isn't a planned or intentional break, more of an incidental one, I suppose. Lots going on in real life and too tired to blog much, plus not much to say when I finally remember I have a blog. Hello! I have a blog!

I think I'll shamelessly borrow Lisa's format again to spur at least some kind of post today.

Sitting....where I always sit when I blog, at my computer desk. my daughter play with her toys nearby. She has the funniest little voices for all her little people and stuffed animals. I love listening to her imagination at work.

Waiting....for my coffee to finish perking. I am in serious need of a caffeine pick-me-up this afternoon.

Anticipating....more rain. It's still pretty gray out, so I am quite sure the rain we've already had today is not all we will yet see.

Feeling...a little bittersweet as things are winding down this May in preparation for summer break. I always do, but more so this year since we'll be moving next month.

Preparing...for our big move. I spent all of yesterday cleaning out one boy's room and getting it ready for the move. I won't even get started on my frustration over teaching some people the value of being neat, orderly and organized. That would be much too long a post. Anywhoooo....lots still to do before the movers come to pack us up the week after VBS in June. At least my guys will get to go to VBS here one more time.

Contemplating....being finished with choir here once Awana is over on the 26th. I have enjoyed singing in the choir again at church after not singing in choir since while we lived in South Carolina, but I think the kids' activities being finished on Wednesday nights is a good time for me to go ahead and say, "Adieu," as well. After that there are only a few weeks left, and I'm still having a hard time really realizing that we are, in fact, leaving shortly.

Excited...about our new house. We are building in Kentucky, where we'll be going. Drew was just there yesterday and brought pictures of our soon to be completed new house. We've never lived in a brand new house where we got to pick the carpet and paint and all. It's exciting.

Praying....we find the right church when we do move and that we are wise in how we go about searching for that church - meaning, that we will be looking at and for the right things prayerfully, a place where the gospel is proclaimed rightly, God's word is upheld as the authority for life and godliness, and where we will be challenged to grow in the faith, and where the worldview training we are seeking to give our children will be reinforced.

Ready...on a less serious note, for the TV show Lost to be finished. Last Tuesday's episode....not my favorite. I enjoyed the ride, but I think I'll be ready to get off when it's finished. I will be ready to see where the writers have been going on this most interesting of stories, but, as I've said all along, I'm pretty sure I won't really like it. If Tuesday was any indication, I'm still saying it. More questions that will probably never be answered. At this point, I just hope enough answers are provided to at least have some closure. It is definitely a show that will finish when it's supposed to and not keep trying to drag on past its expiration date. Sorry, too tired to really blog about the story itself right now.

Wondering....if I'll ever get back to real blogging again. I'd like to.

Noticing....that my coffee has finished. I think I'll take that as a good time to quit this insubstantial post and go enjoy it. Besides, my daughter is asking for help putting her doll's hair in a ponytail. Priorities, you know.

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Lisa writes... said...

Building a house? How fun! Or, has it been? Sometimes I think it would be, picking out all the carpet and the like but then I think I might go crazy with all the many decisions! Here's hoping it remains fun and not at all crazy! When will you post pictures?

I'll be praying for the church search. May the Lord direct you to a Word-preaching, God-glorying church family!