Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Mondayness

First box of Girl Scout cookies for this year entered our house the other day. Cute little girl bravely came up to the door and asked if I would like to buy some. I had already ordered some from a friend at church, but I bought one from her, too, since she was brave enough to come to the door herself and not get her daddy to do the asking. Yes, I know this is what the marketing geniuses that are the Girl Scout cookie people are counting on. I don’t even really like Girl Scout cookies.

I’ve enjoyed the fact that my husband got today and Friday off from work. One benefit of working Active Army Reserve on post - he usually gets the Friday before a Monday holiday also. Kinda sorta makes up for a year in Bosnia, six months in Iraq, etc. and etc. Boys had to go to school, holiday being used as a snow make-up day for one of the eleven (!!) snow days we’ve had this winter.

Though I do like the snow and winter, I’m really, really, really ready for spring now. Our little corner of the globe wasn’t all that warm the past several months and the past few days of warmer weather have whetted the appetite for more. Apparently some of my little bulbs are thinking along the same lines - I’ve seen a few tentative sprouts peeking up out of the ground this week. Looking forward to planting some tomatoes and herbs, too.

Bought my little girl a size 6 dress today. And it fit. A tad big, but only just a tad. Could we slow this time down just a little for just a little longer? Sigh.

Sidewalk chalk is a fun thing. So is a point.

Enjoying reading Anne of Green Gables again. I think I’ve always been just a tad in love with Gilbert Blythe myself. C’mon, Anne, forgive him already! I love it when she finally does.

Had a date night with my husband the other day. Found a babysitter we and the kids just love. Drew and I went to see The Eagle, and liked it. I like when the hero is really a hero, honorable from the beginning. Definitely would not be called a girl movie, but then, I’m not really a ‘chick flick’ kinda girl anyway, my love for Anne aside. At least not the modern versions of chick flicks, that is.

Really enjoying the Christian History class I’m getting to take on Sunday nights at our church. Discussion of Paul’s address to the Athenians in Acts and the meaning of ‘Logos’ in John 1:1 has really helped me to have a much deeper understanding and awe of just how awesome our God truly is. Wish I could go into more detail here, but, just incredible stuff.

Am more than ever thankful that our God is mighty to save and that the good work He has begun in me He will bring to completion at the day of Christ Jesus.

Tomorrow and Thursday are my last days of jury duty. Woo-hoo! We were joking the other day amongst ourselves that if there is ever a drought around here, they should just call our group back to serve again. It has rained or snowed almost every single Tuesday during our term. We’re supposed to be getting rain tonight.

I think I have come to the conclusion that while I still enjoy a little coffee with my creamer and sweetener, I think I really just like tea better. Especially when trying to lose weight, coffee isn’t too hard a thing to cut out. Girl Scout cookies are also not too difficult a thing for me to forego.

However, I have also come to the conclusion that I cannot have candy in the house. I can’t stay out of it, so it undermines my healthier eating efforts. So, sadly, the chocolate has to go for a while.

Laundry never ends, but the satisfaction upon folding the last piece of it for one more session is still a big one. I have miles to go before I sleep on that one today, however, and I hear that the washer has stopped, so I must go and take care of another load now.

Happy Monday.

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Lisa writes... said...

I love Anne of Green Gables. Maybe I'm due for a re-read myself.

And Girl Scout cookies? Hand over the Trefoils and no one will get hurt. Go and ahead and pass the thin mints while you're at it... :)