Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Frazzles

Welcome to the second edition of ‘Friday Frazzles,’ a collection of tangentially related and fairly random thoughts unworthy of a solid blog post, but plopped out here to keep the blog limping along as they wander through my brain. Can’t promise this will become a regular Friday feature around here, but here’s another one, anyway.
I’m loving the Fall weather we’re having. Windows open, crisp air. Need to be outside soon and enjoying it with the kiddos.
I also love that my house is nice and cool and that the AC isn’t having to run to make it so. I am a fan of Fall.
Pizza dough is rising in the pans for homemade pizza Friday. Yum.
Really enjoyed volunteering in a second grade classroom at my kids’ school yesterday morning and this morning. Second graders are so sweet. It’s going to be fun volunteering in there this year. 
Enjoying teaching the second and third grade Sunday school, too.
My son brought tears to my eyes when, after drilling him really hard on his math facts, he said, “Thank you, Mom,” and gave me a big hug. I’m feeling all kinds of mommy guilt for not getting on top of his math struggle sooner. We’re working together on it, though, and it seems that he appreciates it.
I’m thankful for my husband, for lots and lots of reasons, but I’m thinking right at this moment how thankful I am that he can support and cheer for his son at football without being the kind of jerk another dad was as he yelled at the coaches and made pretty much an idiot of himself treating nine and ten year old football like something much more important than it is. I’m thankful my husband isn’t that guy. 
Enjoying the book I’m reading, but ready to finish it and move on to the book that arrived in my mailbox from Amazon the other day. That is the newest installment in a series the boys and I are reading together that we had pre-ordered months ago. Looking forward to reading it before oldest son slips and tells me anything about it since he’s already finished it. Also looking forward to reading the series we ordered from his book order. We’re not just ordering books for the kids anymore, now I am enjoying a lot of them, too. Fun!
Reviewed Philippians this morning, and am glad I still have it memorized. I love it.
That’s about it for now. Time to enjoy the afternoon. It’s one of those days outside where you just feel glad to be outside. Have I mentioned that I love the Fall?

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