Sunday, September 04, 2011

Maybe I Shouldn't Blog Every Big Thought I Struggle Over

You know, even though I struggled over the last post for several days, and I thought it was okay to publish, I'm wondering if maybe it's one that I should have kept to myself. I've been thinking that the curriculum, though not perfect at all, gives me a lot to work with and I'll continue to pray for wisdom to teach it well. And now that I'm calmer and have taken the time to study the lesson on Adam and Eve more thoroughly, it actually does a better job in the adult prep part than I realized at first glance. Yes, I wish they'd done better, but it's not as bad as I first thought. I can't worry about what everyone else does with it, but I can be faithful to teach what God has graciously taught me through His word and allows me to learn from others who faithfully teach His word. I am responsible for the class I have to teach here and the children I have to raise in my home, and I need to be faithful here. As for all the rest, I'm praying.....but I need to be venting and complaining here in this blog space much less. Sorry, y'all.  I'll get this blogging thing figured out one of these days.

And, if anyone is interested, Sunday school was good today. I enjoy these kids, am so glad for the opportunity to teach them, love it when they seem to engage with the lesson, and I really hope some seeds are being planted that God, in His mercy, might allow to take root. May He use my imperfect offering for His glory. That really is my desire, and, flawed as that last post is, that desire is what motivates my passionate reaction to what I wish was better.

And I really love my local church and it was a great morning of worshiping our God together today.

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Kay said...

I'm glad you had a great morning at church! And I'm glad you found some coloring pages that worked well for your lesson. It is hard when you feel the burden for being responsible and then look at what has been given to you and you don't feel comfortable with it. So I'm glad you found a way around your issues. : )