Thursday, September 01, 2011

Status Report - September 2011

Following... the lead of my friend, Lisa, and writing a Status Report on this first day of September, and wondering why the word "September" doesn't look right today. Does that ever happen to you? You know, where you spell a word correctly, the way you've always spelled it, but it looks wrong? I'm having that kind of September day. the computer desk in the kitchen, watching the clock until I have to get the pasta going for dinner.
Thinking...that two posts in one day is quite the unusual occurrence around here these days.
Enjoying....the nice weather....wait, that was earlier this week. It’s hot again and looks like it may continue so into the weekend. But it was nice enough to make me long for fall.
Anticipating...the nice fall weather so much I made pumpkin pie the other day. It just had to be done. Pumpkin pie is good no matter what time of year the calendar says it is. I think Fall is my favorite season. 
Hoping...allergy season this fall isn’t too troublesome. I quit taking the allergy medicine I was taking because I suspect certain side effects I was experiencing will go away if I quit taking it. So far, day three sans allergy rings fit again, I haven’t yelled at anyone today and don’t feel nearly as cranky as I have for the past...months..., I’ve written two blog posts because I finally don’t feel like I’m in foggy-thinking-land and I’ve been sleeping better. I think a stuffy nose is the lesser of all those evils.
Working...on a blog post that I’m really struggling with how to write. In fact, I’ve been pondering whether I’m done with the blogging part of my life altogether.That may have been the allergy medicine induced funk talking, time will tell. Anyway, one of my biggest struggles with blogging is being concise. That and the suspicion that it won’t matter if my posts are long or short, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I’m hoping to write soon about my soapbox issue: how the curriculum I’m using for children’s Sunday school misses the point too often, and I’ll attempt to do it without naming any names.  That’s not controversial at all or anything. 
Reading....Tuck, the third and final book of the King Raven trilogy by Stephen Lawhead. I’m really enjoying this series. Also reading A Praying Life: Connecting With God in a Distracting World by Paul Miller. Also waiting on a book my kids and I ordered from Amazon, plus some books we ordered from their book orders. The boys are finally old enough to be wanting books I want to read, too. And I ordered To Kill a Mockingbird for my oldest boy when it appeared in his book order, because it’s just about my favorite book and he needs to read it.
Hearing...the water beginning to boil, which means it’s about time to wrap this up and go fix dinner. Hungry family to feed.
Happy September! 


Leslie said...

I'm reading A Praying Life, too. Isn't it inspiring?!

Even though the blogging gurus tell us that posts should be short, I quite worrying about it too much. If you think a post is getting too long, turn it into a series. :)

I'm looking forward to when my kids start reading more of the classics that I loved in school. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the most beautiful stories ever written. I love it so much.

Lisa writes... said...

Another To Kill a Mockingbird, fan here too!!!