Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mall Tag

Lisa tagged me for this one. Shopping’s not really one of my favorite things – mostly because we learned the hard way when we were younger that credit card debt can build up quickly (especially when you're paying off a student loan, too), so we've made it a strict policy over the last 8 years to live within our means and not spend on credit, and with me staying home with the kids, funds are usually better spent on groceries, car upkeep, and keeping the kids dressed than much of anything else, so shopping is more utilitarian than fun these days. Also, the closest mall we have is over an hour away, so most of our shopping around here is done at Walmart…..and you know how I feel about that if you’ve read my blog for a while….or at one of the two department stores that usually have pretty slim pickings as far as selection goes. I tried to buy myself a new dress for Easter this year, and went to several stores but found nothing decent in my size. Oh, there were lots of things in the plus sizes and the teeny-tiny sizes, but nothing in mine. So, seeing as it’s been so long since I’ve been around good shopping I can’t even remember what the good stores are, (Seriously. I had a really hard time coming up with stores for this project.) I guess I can dream…..

Here’s the rules: You get to create your own Mall. Choose 6 stores that would definitely be included in your ideal one stop mall. Then as a bonus you can pick your favorite restaurant and fast food eatery to be located there, too. After you’ve created it, post it and tag some bloggers to join in the fun.

1. Target – Okay, Lisa reminded me of this in her post, but I really do like Target much better than Walmart. I keep hearing rumors we’re getting one, but so far I’m not seeing much activity. Anyway, affordable, good selection – especially casual kids’ clothes and home decorating in the casual style.

2. Kohl’s – Oh, how I miss having a Kohl’s nearby. I didn’t always find what I was looking for, but when I did, I usually found quite a bit, and they usually had great sales. Being so hit and miss, however, we found it’s not worth driving through the back roads over an hour to the nearest one these days.

3. Old Navy – I usually find pretty good things for the boys here. We have one fairly close, but in town would be nice. A lot of the hand-me-downs my friend passes on to me come from Old Navy.

4. Bed, Bath and Beyond – Essential for the day when we finally pay off the last of the debt from earlier, less responsible years and I have a little bit extra to put into dressing our home up a bit better.

5. Barnes & Noble – Books! I’m not into the coffee thing, but I do like the atmosphere in a nice bookstore. And, my experience with them was that if they didn’t have the book I was looking for, they could usually get it for me in a timely fashion.

6. Best Buy – This one’s for my hubby. It’s his favorite store.

7. I know the rules said 6, but here’s another essential for my make-believe mall: An affordable place to buy really cute kids' clothes (is there such a store???) .

Now for the food court: A really good tea shop (are you surprised?), Olive Garden (Oh, how I miss Olive Garden. My mouth is watering for soup, salad and breadsticks. This is another rumored addition to our town that seems never to come about), Fazoli’s (Think Olive Garden on the run. Fast food, but good, especially with no good Italian restaurants in town), Longhorn Steakhouse (we don’t currently have anything like this, either), Arby’s (the best roast beef sandwiches). I love Mexican food, too, but we have tons of those around town, so my mall doesn’t need another one.

I’m not sure who to tag, so if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged. Anyone interested in playing along, leave me a comment so others can see what your dream mall would be.


Joo said...

Whew! I did it. Thanks for the "tag" toss. I had fun. Now I kind of wish we had a mall here.

Happy Day,

Angela said...

HI, I am new to the blogosphere, and came across your blog! I pretty much agree with this list of stores, but I would have to add TJ Max or Marshalls on to that! I love TJ Max for inexpensive "housy" stuff! God bless, Angela

Lisa writes... said...

So glad you played along! :-)