Friday, August 15, 2008

A Blogger's Dilemma

So, Drew has some meetings in Charleston today and tomorrow, and since the Army is paying for a nice hotel room for him to attend these meetings, and he is going to have some free time along the way, he asked me to come with him. We left the kids with his parents and I'm sitting here in a really nice hotel room in Charleston. I sat on the balcony and read my Bible this morning in peace and quiet. A rarity. Yesterday evening we walked around down town a little, and we'll have more time for that this afternoon when he's done with his meetings.

Until then, I have a few hours this morning to read and blog without feeling guilty about it at all. No housecleaning I can do, kids are having fun with grandparents, I could write a lengthy blog post and take all the time I want about composing it with no guilt this morning.

Problem is, I don't have much to say today. Aside from that silly little story in the last post, I'm blog post dry. Like a vast blogging desert. A blogger's dilemma, indeed. Time to write, not much to say.

So rather than waste time staring at a blank computer screen willing a blog post to materialize, I think I'm going downstairs for a fancy cup of coffee and I'm taking a book with me, and I'm going to enjoy a rare time of being able to read for an extended period with nothing pressing that I need to be doing. Nice.

Oh! Guess what came in the mail yesterday?

I'm looking forward to digging into this one. I also still have Because the Time is Near that I'm wanting to dig into and keep meaning to get started on.

While I brought my new book with me, too, I think I'm taking the fiction book I also brought downstairs this morning. But I'll be getting to the deep stuff soon. So, though I have time to blog today, I think I will just go read for a while. Maybe some blog inspiration will come along in the meantime. Be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, that book is so good. It really challenged me and my "but I've always been taught" way of thinking. You're going to like it!

Heather said...

How lovely for you and Drew to get some time away. It's funny, I thought I might get some writing done in Mexico, or read something "deep", I ended up reading fiction, fiction, fiction, and loving the battery recharge. Hope your trip was fun!

Anonymous said...

A fancy cup of coffee and a fiction book. A mini-vacation.