Saturday, August 02, 2008

Practical Mom's Dictionary #6, Beach Edition

Debatable: Is the great fun had by all during a day at the beach with friends worth the hassle of packing lunches and beach gear, getting it all to the beach (30 minute drive), getting it all out of the car and down to the actual beach, and then getting everything rinsed off and back to the car once it is time for the fun to come to an end and it is time to go home? And is it worth the splitting headache I inevitably end up with in the afternoon? I’m still pondering the answer this afternoon.

Answer, upon pondering: Okay, usually it is worth it. We had fun last Tuesday when we went with some friends, and, can I just say that it is so nice to finally be making friends here?? We had a good time this morning with the boys’ Uncle M and Gram and Grandad, too. It is a lot of fun to watch the boys enjoying themselves in the water and Boo enjoying herself……all over the beach. She’s a busy little thing, I tell you. But she loves the beach. I’m pretty sure I don’t have the stamina to do too many more beach trips this summer, though. They wear me out. Good thing we only have two more weeks until school starts back. Aaaack. Did I really say it’s only two more weeks??? Where has the summer gone?

What were they thinking?: I wonder why the state park people did not put a boardwalk from the showers and restrooms to the parking lot. It doesn’t do much good for the showers to be located in the sand and then have several more yards of (very, very, scaldingly hot) sand from the showers to the car. Not sure what the logic there was. I suppose I am glad there are showers at all. But it doesn’t seem too smart to have to walk across all that (did I mention it was hot?) sand once we’ve rinsed off. We’re just as dirty by the time we get to the car as we were when we got to the showers in the first place. But I should not whine and digress.

Ahhhhhh: The clean feeling after a shower once we finally get home following a day at the beach. Is there anything like it? It almost makes the hassle of getting there and getting home again worth it. Almost. Regardless of what my house might look like on any particular day, I like things clean. I’m not Monk, mind you, but I do like it clean. You might not realize that immediately upon seeing my house sometimes because, well, life happens around here a lot, but I don’t really enjoy the grimy, sticky, dirt-everywhere feeling of the beach.

If my camera were working, I could have taken some cute pictures and shared them. But my camera is not working.

Another plus of a day at the beach: The kids sleep really well those nights. For all the not wanting to leave when it is time, they are worn out once we get home.

I’m off to enjoy the air conditioning and a good book for a bit this afternoon while everyone is somewhat quiet until it’s time to get the supper going. Happy Saturday.

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