Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Have Not Quit Blogging...

Though it might seem like it due to my slow posting non-schedule this week. It's just been one of those weeks. I seem to be blog slumping again. Lots of thoughts, not so much ready to blog. For all few of you who still stop by once in a while, here are some pictures to try to jump start my blogging again:

Boo has discovered the joys of crayons and coloring books. Yay! (Her reaction to anything fun) The boys never got into coloring all that much, but just this week she has started asking to "color Pooh" and will sit for 20 minutes at a time or so and color in her Winnie the Pooh coloring book. Nice. Much better than coloring on the floor, the table, the couch, the chairs, the wall...yes, I am very, very happy she finally understands what crayons are actually for.

However, it is getting harder to take candid shots of her because the minute she realizes I have the camera in hand, she looks up, smiles and says, "Cheese!" over and over until I snap the shot. Very cute. I'm not biased at all, you understand. We are kind of wondering if our poor little girl is ever going to have hair. She has a little curl in the back, but still not enough in front to even put in a barrette.

Here she is coloring next to the computer desk. I just had to get a picture. Isn't it amazing how much cleaner the floor looks in pictures than it actually does in real life? I'm impressed.

Speaking of the camera, by the way, M somehow fixed it. It wasn't working - wouldn't even turn on, so we thought maybe the battery had gone caput and ordered a replacement battery. That came in the mail the other day and I charged it up, only to have the camera do the same weirdness it had been doing with the old battery once I put the new one in. I figured the camera had probably just not survived its dunking in Oliver's water bowl a while back and we were going to be shopping for a new camera soon. (That would be Boo's handiwork, by the way, the baptizing of the camera in the dog bowl.)

So, anyway, yesterday evening Drew told me M had fixed the camera. I asked how, and M said, "I don't know. I just pushed the power button on and off and on and off and now it works."

I don't get it. But it does work now. I pushed the power button on and off and on and off the other day, too, but it didn't work for me. M must have the touch. The camera seems to have recovered.

Here are some pictures of our camera hound, M, testing out the now functioning camera:

And now I must go and get ready to join the new and totally not improved, very frustrating car line so I can attempt to get the boys home in time for piano lessons. I only do car line on Thursdays now that the boys are bus riders, but don't get me started on how the new car line procedure is going. Not well, is all I'll say here. Bus isn't much better - hoping they get the kinks worked out soon and the kids home earlier in the afternoon. Enough whining. Enjoy your Thursday.

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Heather said...

Very Cute. If it makes you feel any better, my sweet younger girl didn't have hair for the longest time. We sent her to kindergarten in a pixie haircut, not because we purposely cut it that way, but because that's how long it had grown by then!