Friday, August 15, 2008

The Princess At Play

Yesterday, my son's piano teacher and a few of her other students and their moms came over to our house for a little mini-recital. Mrs. T. did this to kind of help some of the kids get a little more used to playing in front of people, and we're planning a real recital in November, but this was a nice little get together for piano and lunch.

One of the families has a little brother who is about Boo's age and who we also know from church, and Boo got to play with him some during the fellowship time. Drew was home yesterday, and he witnessed an interesting interaction between these two and we laughed about it together when he told me about it. We have a little basket of toys out in the living room, and Boo's little friend found a toy apple which makes a musical noise, just like the picture up there, in the basket and was playing with it.

The Princess was not amused.

"Apple, apple," she protested. When he put the apple down, Boo proceded to pick it up, lick it all over and then held it out to him, saying, "Apple!" And we wonder why the kids get sick so often.

Drew said it was like a little Nellie Olson in action.

In all fairness to Boo, she has just learned to eat real whole apples and loves to munch on them - a healthy snack - and I think she was just engaging in imitative play. That's what the former speech pathology student in me sees in that. But, sin nature being what it is, there was probably a lot of the "Nellie Olson" in that gesture, too ("It's mine, and you can't have it or touch it or look at it, so there!").

She's a live wire, is our little Boo.

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Anonymous said...

I still have my happy apple!! When I was little I chewed the leaves off of it, though. And now that I think about it, why did my mom let me chew the leaves off? Wasn't she afraid that I would choke, or something?

Anyway, I love that thing. I've enjoyed watching all of my kids play with it over the years --that is one sturdy toy! I just love the sound it makes, too.