Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm Melting in This Heat

It is 102 degrees outside right now. It's humid, too. Have you ever had all your makeup just melt right off your face and your hair hang limp the minute you walk out into the sauna outside? Do you think that’s why I’m having trouble corralling a coherent thought for a decent blog post? I’ve tried three different rewrites of a thought that’s bubbling around in my brain. It’s still not right. Maybe it needs to stew a little more. It’s hot enough to make stew out there. That must be it.

I’m putting off thinking about back to school. I cannot believe it’s almost here. I’m not ready. I didn’t do what I meant to do this summer. It can’t be almost over. We’ll be getting their letters from their new teachers any day now with the back to school shopping lists. I don’t want to go back to school shopping. Not yet. Where did summer go? I did go through all the kids’ drawers and pulled out clothes they can’t wear anymore in an effort to see what we need to shop for soon. I’m putting off thinking about that, too. They’re all getting just too big. Where is the time going? How can they be this big already? And they need new clothes. You know, you have to clothe them. The clothes don’t just magically appear. You have to actually go and buy them clothes. Unless you sew. Which I don't. Especially J, the oldest, who really needs to go shopping with me and try things on and Boo, the youngest and our only girl, so she doesn’t have the benefit of hand-me-downs. M is sitting pretty with stacks of to-be-grown-into and should-fit-nicely clothes in his closet, only needing a couple of things. I do not want to go clothes shopping. Can I tell you how I am dreading taking the boys to Savannah for real clothes shopping? It must be done. We’re thinking about taking them overnight and bribing them with a Chuck E. Cheese visit once the shopping is done. I don’t want to think about a day at the mall with two boys who do not like to shop for clothes. I’ll think about it tomorrow. Just call me Scarlett.

I tried to take the kids outside to play this afternoon, but it’s just too hot. I gave in and they are now watching TV and Boo is napping. They watch too much TV. Super Mom I am not. I held out all day, but they’re in there watching Popeye now. Drew is out there mowing the yard. I think instead of trying to force this post or the more thoughtful one I’ve tried off and on to write all day, I’ll go take him some ice water.

Be back soon. I hope. If we don’t melt in the heat.

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