Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Elmo Red!

Well, I'm thankful today for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I am pleased to announce that it takes red crayon off of walls and doors.

Boo knows her colors by Sesame Street character. Elmo red, Big Bird yellow, Cookie Blue, etc. In fact, the other day we were in her room and she kept saying, "Zoe book! Zoe book!" We have a series of books with Elmo and friends and I kept pulling out books that had Zoe in them and she kept throwing them down and insisting that I get the "Zoe book." I finally figured out that she wanted an orange Winnie the Pooh book on a whole different shelf. Learning to speak two-year-old is interesting.

So, anyway, earlier today I was working on the computer and she was happily saying, "Elmo red!" and pointing to the living room. I wasn't sure what red thing she meant so I kind of forgot about it. Until I went into the living room. My little muralist to be had taken a red crayon to the front door and dining room wall.

Enter Magic Eraser. It worked. Whew. Nothing like trying to keep a house ready to show when you've got a little graffiti artist in residence.

Now, if the Mr. Clean wizards would just come up with something that would take crayon off the sofa and the carpet as easily........

A certain two-year-old in our house has lost crayon privileges for a while, by the way.


Heather said...

My youngest used the same terminology when he was learning his colors. Of course, you had the speech delay to deal with as well. I'm STILL learning that one's language!

P.S. Try Spot Shot or GooGone for the carptet!

Barbie said...

WD 40 will remove crayon from almost anything AND it does NOT leave a greasy film lol I learned this trick when crayons were left under the car seat in the Florida sun!! They were from a restaurant lol I called the crayola people and was told to use wd40 and I was skeptical till I tried it...now I have used it on walls and kid furniture...omw people will sell stuff so cheaply when it is covered in crayon! If they had any idea that it comes right now and they can look like new:-)

Lisa writes... said...

"Crayon privileges"--now that's funny!

But it's only funny because I have BEEN.THERE.DONE.THAT.

Love you!