Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weather Watch- Updated

It is looking like Tropical Storm/Hurricane Hanna is heading right for us, so we are watching the weather channel and making plans. I went shopping this morning and stocked up on bottled water, batteries, canned food, etc. We’re really hoping we can stay home, but we are preparing to leave if we have to. I am pretty sure that the schools will be closed come Thursday, and I’m hoping we will know if we should leave soon enough that we can leave early enough to get off the island fairly easily. I’ve heard it is not fun around here when the evacuation order hits, so we’re paying close attention.

I know it is a little goofy, but the thing that terrifies me most is having to take the kids and dog and drive up to North Carolina where we have some family by myself. Since Drew is already on active duty with the Army, and the storm is heading right for Savannah where he is stationed, if it does hit, he’ll have to stay and we’ll have to do this by ourselves. He is home today as we get ready, but he’ll be going in tomorrow and I’ll have to either weather it out here or leave without him, and, though I’m really trying not to be worried, it does scare me a little. I know that God will grant me strength to do whatever we need to do, so may I ask my blog friends to please keep us and our whole area in prayer as we wait and see what this week holds?

*Update 9-3-08: We're still here, obviously and we are cautiously optimistic that we probably will not have to evacuate.....this time...., though we are still keeping an eye on things. We do need to be in prayer for those who are being affected and for those in the path of Hurricane Ike, too. Those poor islands south of us really suffer when these storms hit.


Anonymous said...

Keep us posted! I'll add you to my prayer list.

Heather said...

Praying for you guys...and wishing you were planning on sheltering with your folks...oh wait, Brevard County can't take any more wet,either!

Hang in there. God is in control.


char said...

You know if we ever have to evacuate we will be going solo (or all 8 of us) too. Chris will have to stay with the rest of the PD. Be encouraged there are many in that boat. God has equipped you to do it!char