Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Dog May Not Survive the Next Three Months

This is what Oliver looks like a lot of the time these days:

He sleeps. A lot. He’s getting old, what can I say?

However. When is not sleeping, he is becoming Annoying. With a capital “A.” It is raining outside right now. He just came in from the backyard where it is raining. He wants to go back out, but he does not want to be in the rain. This all equals hyper dog who keeps running through the house, jumping and leaping and rubbing his nasty wet doggy body all over my pants trying to dry off and convince me that I should be doing something to make the rain stop so he can play outside. He’s driving me crazy. Hence the bloggy break from cleaning my closet to vent. By the way, I’m making progress. I went to the first CBS meeting this morning, too, which was postponed from last week due to Hanna, which ended up doing nothing here. Last night I mentioned to my husband that maybe I should drop out and open up my spot for someone on the waiting list since I won’t be able to complete the study this year, but he said that I shouldn’t do that. He said I need that and need to stay connected. So, being the excellent wife that I am (ha!) I listened, and ya’ll, I’m sad I won’t be doing this whole study. We’re studying Genesis this time. But I digress.

So, this morning the dog pottied and pooped on the living room floor before I could get out of the shower and let him out to do his business. Most days he lies around on the sofa until oh, 11AM or so, not budging when I plead and beg and cajole to get him to go out before I have to leave the house to run errands in the morning. Today, however, he was up before dawn and pooping in the floor before I could do anything about it. So, I retched and barely held myself together while I cleaned up his mess this morning. One thing I have a very hard time with is dog waste products of any kind. My stomach is very weak on that point. Then he had the nerve to beg for a doggy treat when I let him back in. Think again, dog.

Oliver better be really glad this afternoon that the man does not come to clean the carpet until tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise, I might have been tempted to just leave him outside for the next three months until we get this move accomplished. I’m still thinking about it. He’s on probation at the moment.

Sigh. Back to my closet now.

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Hey! You're moving! My way! We must talk! Loves!!