Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Random Thoughts

It is really hard to sweep the floor when you’ve got a little 15-month-old crawling along trying to explore the nasty stuff you’ve just swept into a pile and are ready to attack with the Dust Buster. Then it is doubly hard to sweep when the broom was last used to sweep up some mysterious, very fine, black dusty substance which the broom now spreads across the kitchen floor. So, I chose to forego the sweeping and just took the Dust Buster around the kitchen. This is way easier than dragging the big vacuum over and changing all the attachments. Now I just have to wait until nap time (Boo’s, not mine) to mop.

Drew has started working on building a closet space in the attic access next to the boys’ bedroom. It’s looking really nice. My wonderful husband spent most of yesterday actively demonstrating love for his family by doing this in a space that heated up to 104 degrees by the afternoon. We were going to wait until the weather turned cooler, but he decided to go ahead and get it started, and we figure that once most of the area is insulated, the temperature won’t get quite as hot next summer when it’s all walled in. It really is going to be nice for the boys to actually have a closet. I am so proud of my man that he can do these kinds of home improvement jobs – and he’s nothing like Tim Taylor, either!

I’ve also got to clarify my last post, just in case anyone may think I’m more interested in football than I actually am. I don’t think it’s really the football itself, per se, that I like. It’s all the hooplah and team spirit hype and the music and the band and the colors - the fluff, if you will. It just reminds me of that first year of college when I lived in the dorm right across the street from the stadium and the basketball arena. Something about Fall on a college campus is just fun. Once football was over, though, going back for Spring Semester was sometimes a little dreary. Spring Semester was just long, and you had to go back while it was cold and miserable. Actually, one of the most fun semesters for me was the year I stayed on for summer session. Everybody was much more relaxed – even the professors, and the schedule was lighter so I could actually enjoy being there more. And, really, I don’t care all that much for the actual sports themselves. But without the sports, the camaraderie isn’t as thick, since it’s the sports that form the framework for the team spirit and what people keep coming back to see, and it’s the Athletic Association that brings in the big bucks. So, I guess you have to have the sports to have all the hooplah. But, I really just wrote that post more to celebrate the fun part of college sports. I used to care a whole lot about every game and whether we won or not, but, anymore, it’s purely nostalgia. Honestly, most of the time these days I couldn’t even tell you if we won or lost on any given weekend. My husband knows, and I enjoy it with him, but I don’t always even make it all the way through a game on TV. I kind of pop in and check every once in a while and sit with him during some of the game when he’s watching and then go on and do the other ten million things I need to do. I wouldn’t be crying if there were never another football game. I just have too many other things that are more important these days. But it is fun to keep up with my school and enjoy the times they win, and it was fun to find those videos and remember the hype of those days when I lived on campus many moons ago!

Okay. Got to get back to my real life, now. Not sure how much I’ll blog this week. I’m trying again to decaffinate myself. It didn’t last very long last time, but I’m really tired of the early afternoon crash that happens every day around 1 pm due to a raging caffeine addiction. So, this may be a week of headaches, and that may hinder how much blogging happens around here.

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