Saturday, January 09, 2010

For LOST Fans:

I got hooked on the story line of the TV show LOST during its first season, and I've followed it through each agonizingly slow revelation of plot twist and each much-too-long break between seasons up to now, when we are anticipating its final (finally!) season which begins in February. Finally we'll get answers. I have to tell you, that as a Christian I have become pretty sure I may not like the answers or the direction it takes, but, as I've said before, the story became so intriguing that were it a book I would have stayed up all night to finish it. Every episode, not to mention season, left us hanging, usually scratching our heads and saying, "I didn't expect THAT!" I drive my husband nuts with speculation after every episode. He will probably be very glad when the show ends, too.

Anyway, Drew stumbled across a Christian blogger who is writing some interesting discussion about the show, and, though I don't know if I will always agree with him and I try not to get too excited about supposed Christian themes from a secular show - mostly because I am pretty sure it's not being written from a Christian perspective and I am quite wary about the direction it may take, I thought I'd share a link for my blog friends who may share my interest in the show. Enjoy!


Leslie said...

I love Lost, too. Thanks for directing me to The Fish. I've never heard of that site before -- looks interesting. Do you think you'll blog about the final season of Lost? I'm going to try to.

Rebekah said...

I don't know if I'll blog regularly about it. I'll probably mention it along the way, but too many other people have more interesting things to say about it than I usually do. I am really looking forward to the last season though. Should be interesting!

Carla said...

When the first episode premiered, I wasn't really interested, but my husband and daughter (then 14 now 19, my how time FLIES) watched it. I was at my computer and had to keep turning around to watch. I finally got up and went over to the couch to watch. :-)

We've all been hooked on the intrigue ever since. The final season should be very interesting to see all the loose ends tied up, finally!

Lisa writes... said...

We're LOSTies! Hate for it to end but SO READY for answers, already!