Thursday, January 07, 2010

Status Report - January 2010

Emulating my friend Lisa again, and still trying to get back into the blogging grove, here is my January status report:

Sitting: in my dining/living room, limping along with my slow computer (mentioned in the previous post).

Missing: being able to open my Google Reader, which, for some reason, I don't seem to be able to do with this computer. I have something like 240 unread posts sitting out there, and I miss my blog friends and reading what's going on out there in blogland. I'm not completely out of circulation, I'll be back to reading and sporadically commenting soon, I hope.

Drinking: hot chocolate that I'm sharing with my frozen little kidlets.

Enjoyed: playing in the snow with those same kidlets. Boo was so cute all bundled up like the little brother from "A Christmas Story." She even got to ride the sled down the sled hill with her brother and a neighbor boy a couple of times this morning. Climbing back up the slippery hill was....interesting. Thankfully her brothers take good care of her. I'm not so sure I would have been able to get back up that hill if I'd gone all the way down. Someone would have just had to send down an igloo and some firewood and we'd have had to camp out until it thaws, I think.

Laughed: When Boo saw her snow pants and said, "These are for cute little girls!"

Took: some funny pictures. Wish I could share them with you, but, well, we discussed that in the last post, too.

Contemplating: (don't get all weirded out, I mean it in the good sense, not the weird and mystical one) moving the blog. Several of my blog friends have done so and I am investigating it. I'm working behind the scenes on a new one elsewhere. I'll keep you posted. Only thing is, I'll miss my cute header. May have to commission a new one after I move if I can afford it. One thing I'm wondering, if I import my blog to a new site, does this one go away? Do I need to tell you all I'm moving before I try to import my archives over to the new place? I'm very computer illiterate. I know enough to know I'm quite sure about wanting to switch to Mac, though. That I do know.

Just finished: reading one of the bleakest books I think I have ever read. The Road is not your escapist reading, but it is one that leaves you thinking about things. It is also not for the faint of heart. It was not an easy book to read. It wasn't the language or the typical things that bothered me, but the total depression and hopelessness of it. It takes place in an Apocalyptic world, after a major tragedy has occurred over the entire earth, and, well, I'll just say that you get a glimpse of the total depravity of man when confronted with utter hopelessness in the particular dangers encountered by the father and son as they travel the road seeking warmer weather and looking for the "good guys" of whom you begin to wonder if there are any left. You also get a glimmer of hope in that it is a moving story about the strong bond of love between the father and son as you see the lengths the father goes to as he tries to protect and keep his son alive, and Drew happened to come home from work just as I was getting to the last pages and he asked me why there were tears streaming, streaming I say, down my face. I won't spoil it for you, but I will say that at the end, you are not left completely without hope. I can see why the book won a Pulitzer, but I would not give it a blanket endorsement because of the extremely bleak and awful nature of the subject matter. I don't think I'll be watching the movie. The book left me affected enough...I don't need visual images to go with those I conjured up on my own.

Preparing: for our Bible study in Hebrews, which starts next Tuesday. It's going to be good! Praying that each of us who are part of it will grow in our understanding and love and relationship with Jesus as we seek Him as the Something Better we long for.

Needing: to end this post. Drew wants me to look up some stuff as he decides where is the best place for him to go this afternoon to shop for a new computer.

Happy Thursday! And a belated Happy New Year, too, since I just realized I didn't wish you, my blog friends, that yet!

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Lisa writes... said...

You can move your header. I did. I also kept the old blog up for those who still visit there. I just a posted a link to my new digs. I also closed all comments on it.

Love reading your statuses! Hope y'all are staying warm!