Monday, January 25, 2010

Tuesday Ponderings of Little Importance

I wonder if I made my boys buy the milk with their own allowance and they had to see for themselves how expensive it is, would it stop them from pouring a tall glass, drinking three sips and leaving the rest? I'm not saying this is what I'm going to do, but I wonder if it would work.

I may have found the answer to my potty-training frustration. She has gotten to the point where she knows what to do, she just doesn't like stopping whatever she's doing at the moment to go to the potty, and I'm tired of changing her pants 57 times a day and all the laundry that entails. Now, every time she potties her pants, she loses a toy. I don't talk loudly or get angry, she just knows that's the consequence - toy goes up on top of the living room bookshelf until she is able to stay clean and dry for a whole day. Then she gets it back when she has a dry day. So far, it's working. Two days and counting, and she can explain the consequence to us, so she knows what she's doing. We may just be on our way. Finally.

You know you have had a rather long run of gray and dreary days when your 3-year-old, while coloring in her coloring book, asks you what color the sky is and you answer, "Blue," and she says, "No, I think brown."

At least we get flurries with the gray and dreary today. That makes it interesting. And it's only 32 degrees - warm compared to minus 1 or some such very coldness.

The Y was very crowded today. People must be sticking to their resolutions....wonder what February at the Y will be like?

Well, I'm tired and need to go play with Boo for a while and maybe convince her to take a nap so maybe I can take one, too. That would be nice. Can't fault a girl for trying.....

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