Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Thoughts for a Rainy Thursday

Why is Caillou bald? His little sister has hair, but he’s a little cueball. Why is that? And while we’re on the subject, does anyone else find that show really annoying? Just asking. Because I do, find it annoying, that is. Everyone is just way too sweet.

Something I miss about Florida: being able to buy fresh avocados. In Florida, I could buy an avocado that was still hard and let it ripen a day or two on the counter until it was just right for use. Here I buy avocados that have stickers that say, “Guaranteed RIPE today.” What that really means is that it took them so long to get here that they are already soft.....most are too far gone before they even hit the store, in my opinion. I keep buying the best avocados I can find, but they are usually a little riper than I would like. I still like the guacamole I make, though, even if it’s not quite as good as it would have been in Florida.

Something else I miss about Florida: being able to see the sun during the winter. It’s gray and rainy today. Again. Plus sides: it is not snowing and it is not anywhere near zero degrees. Hooray! And the squirrels are making themselves scarce today in the rain, so my dumb little dog is quiet.

My dog drives me crazy. He has discovered squirrels and barks at them. All. Day. Long. And when he is not doing that he is stealing food from the table.

I’m beginning to wonder if it is a losing prospect to teach my middle son organization skills. You should see his room. The room he paid his brother to clean. It was messy within days. He came downstairs in distress one day this week saying he had no pants to wear and he’d grown out of all the pants he could find. I went up there and opened his closet and just about had a conniption fit. At least 3 feet of clothes piled up in the floor. Apparently, when I sort, wash, and fold the laundry and deliver his to his room to be put away, rather than put them away, he has been shoving them into the closet. I started in on the organizing of the closet today, and guess what I’ve found. Pants! Yes, pants that...wait for him. And I’m not even done. You probably don’t want to know about all the other hopelessly lost things I’m finding as I work my way to the bottom of this pile. Grrr.

That’s enough break for now. Got to get back to it.

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