Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This Wasn't Always a Fluffy Blog

I’ve been writing a lot of fluff lately. I’m sorry to anyone who may still be reading. I have had a lot on my mind, just not things I want to blog about right now. We have also been trying to get everyone well around here and Hubby was gone Army-ing for 5 weeks that felt like at least 5 months. J is home today with the same kind of headache I had on Saturday, so it must be some weird bug, not the medicine as I had originally thought.

With all the blog slumpage going on, I realized today that I missed the big one-year blogiversary. On October 20, my blog turned one year old! Hooah! The celebration slipped up on me with a whimper, but I hope soon to get back to better posting. Once I get the house back in some kind of order and everybody feeling better that is. Hope to be back to better blogging soon!

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Lisa writes... said...

Happy one year! Here's to the next!