Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tonight I Pray

Most gracious, God, You are Most High;
To You alone must be all praise.
May I now to You draw nigh
And learn to live for You and love Your ways.

Too many times my affections turn
On me and what I think is best.
Oh, Lord, when will I ever learn
To let my heart and mind in You find rest?

I confess my faults to You once more,
And once more lay them at Your feet.
Your lavish grace on Your child You pour;
And my hope, it rests in You complete.

Forgive me, please, most gracious Savior.
Far too often I live in such a selfish state.
Please help my love for You not waver,
And teach my heart my sin to hate.

My hope is in Christ’s righteousness;
His blood alone has washed away my sin.
Now by His grace what once was wretchedness
Is cleansed and whole and I am new within.

Thank You, Lord, for Your gracious care;
You provide our needs every single day.
The blessings You so wondrously share
Are far more numerous than I can say.

To You I lift our precious children.
Please lead us, oh most blessed Shepherd,
To teach them and to love them when
We show them how we treasure Your Word.

Please grant to them saving faith that is true;
Touch their hearts with conviction of sin,
And open their eyes to seek only You,
Christ Jesus, our Savior and only true Friend.

And also, Lord, the Church I lift to You tonight.
Protect Your remnant to stand for Truth without error,
And let us be diligent to shine forth Your light,
And teach us to be a people on our knees and our faces in prayer.

Thank You, Jesus, our gracious Redeemer and Savior,
For loving us while yet in our sin with no thought for You.
Thank You, Our Lord, for granting Your favor
And shedding Your blood to redeem a people for You.

These things I pray in Your name tonight;
Oh may we learn to live for Your glory!
You, mighty God, are the world’s only light,
And Yours the most blessed redemption story.

To God alone be the glory.


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