Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Poor Kiddos

I’m feeling quite tired and just a bit loopy,
From dealing with children whose noses are goopy.
Poor little Boo was up way too early
Then crabby all morning – she was really quite surly.
And now oldest son has come home after school
Says he’s feeling quite warm – I’m nobody’s fool –
So out with thermometer, yep it’s a fever;
Wish he’d gone to the nurse, should have been a school leaver.

Three little kiddos are coughing and hacking
It seems that in our house, good health still is lacking.
Off to the doctor with kid one and kid three
Tomorrow that’s where this mommy will be.
Sweet little middle kid isn’t down like the others
Here’s hoping he doesn’t get fever like brother’s!

I’m writing and smiling and counting it joy
When kiddos are sick then I get to employ
Mommy loving and cuddling and all of those things
For this, too, shall pass- won’t be long ‘til spring springs!
For now I must bring an end to this rhyme
And go take care of baby – she’s needing my time.


Jill said...

LOVE this!

Hope they feel better soon.

Kim said...

Awww,so sweet! Did you write this?! What talent!!! I hope everyone is feeling much better soon!


Lisa writes... said...

I love it! Hope everyone feels better soon, and mommy can keep the sense of humor! Spring cometh!