Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fearmongering? I Think Not....

It is not fearmongering to listen to what they are saying and follow through with the implications. Ideas have consequences. Regardless of what this postmodern culture may want to believe, words have meaning. Worldviews matter. Take a hard look at the worldview of those who are talking and follow their logic through to the possible consequences. This is not fearmongering. It is wisdom to listen to what the people in power are saying and apply it to the legislation they are trying to push through without proper examination.

HT: my brother, Some call him.....Tim

It is not fearmongering to look at similar programs elsewhere and examine how they are being implemented and what are the consequences for the people involved. It is wisdom to examine a matter thoroughly before making drastic changes that will affect a whole lot of people. (HT: Dan Phillips at Biblical Christianity)

It is not fearmongering to examine the words of those the president is listening to as advisors and follow the logic through.

The either/or rhetoric that is being used is a false way to look at this issue. It is not true that unless the government takes over the whole system there can't be reforms. I don't think there are many people who are saying we don't need reform. That is not the issue anymore. It's pretty obvious there need to be changes. The issue is, we do not want people who believe and are saying these kinds of things to have as much power over us as the legislation that is being rushed through would give them. We do not trust government to do this. We need to look at other types of reform (not least of which is rethinking our entitlement mentality and rethinking the whole way insurance is actually viewed and handled in the first place), not hand it all over to the government. We are too prone to think emotionally and not rationally. Think it through.

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