Monday, August 24, 2009

So Far Today....In Bullet Points

I actually have substantial things I’d like to blog about, but I don’t have concentrated time to sit and think them out yet. Soon I hope. Until then, here are some little random things, none of which warranted an entire post. In fact, I’m pretty sure that all in concert they are a waste of a post, but here we go.

Facebook is hindering my blogging ability, I fear. I’m starting to think in little meaningless status updates. The scary thing is the obsessive urge to go and share these meaningless updates as soon as they cross the mind. As if I don’t have enough to do. And as if anybody really cares.

Went to bed too late last night. I was working on copying and saving old blog posts onto my computer. I like to back them up that way, but I was about a year behind. So, I got myself caught up to January of this year. When I looked at the clock, I realized it was getting kind of late, but I still wasn’t tired at all, so I took a bubble bath and read a book. When I almost fell asleep in the tub, I realized I was more tired than I had thought, so I went to bed.

Because I went to bed too late last night, 5:30 came very early this morning. Forgot to mention that Boo went to bed later than usual last night, too, due to a late nap yesterday. I was able to get up and read my Bible this morning, but I was tired.

Was planning to go to the Y today, but M told me his stomach hurt but not in a throw up kind of way. I never know what to do with that when there is no fever and no other symptoms. So, we walked to school and I decided to stay home and get some work done around here so I could be around if the nurse called. She hasn’t yet. Looks like I made the right call.

Wore my sloppy work-out clothes anyway so I could bleach the ‘tator tot’ bathroom. Boo is potty training. Bleach had become necessary. Please don’t ask for more information…..

Bathroom is clean and fresh. Doesn’t even smell of tator tots at the moment. Nice.

Since I was already in sloppy clothes, I gave the dog a bath. He did not love it.

Upstairs bathrooms are clean now, too. I even used Comet on my tub, which was looking ucky. For some reason, my grimy boys prefer to shower in my bathroom. I can’t figure it out. Can you say “tub ring”? TMI? Perhaps …. But I still feel like I haven’t gotten much done today.

Did you know they make coconut M&M’s? I didn’t either until I saw them at the store the other day. They are good. I wish I had not seen them. One more thing to exercise will power about.

Did you know they make dark brown Play-doh? I had never seen it before the new Play-doh I got for Boo the other day. My heart did a little palpitation when I looked over at her for a moment and wondered what that brown lump in her hand was. Then I remembered. Whew. TMI again?

I feel the need for some lotion….I did all that bleaching without gloves. Not smart.

Laundry is in the basket needing to be folded. That’s the next thing on the agenda. I promise. After coffee, which is perking at the moment.

I think it’s really weird that about a year or so ago I still hated coffee, and now I have a hard time getting going in the morning without it and have even developed an early afternoon craving. Scary.

It was a good mail day. The Go Fish Guys CDs I ordered arrived, and now Boo is ‘partying like a preschooler.’ If you don’t know the Go Fish Guys, here is a link. Fun music for kids. Boo and I had a terrific time a few minutes ago dancing to their version of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” Enough of that, and it could count as my aerobics for the day and I won’t have to feel so guilty about skipping the Y this morning.

Also in the mail we got a refund check from……the government. Due to the fact that some clerk somewhere pushed the wrong key, when Drew went active duty he got coded as separated and reinstated, rather than merely transferred. This meant that he was considered no longer eligible for the bonus he’d received a while back. And we had to repay it. It wasn’t real small. So, we’ve been paying it back, even though everyone Drew had called agreed we didn’t really owe it. But on paper we did. Clerical error finally went through the channels and was fixed. We got part of the refund today. Drew is thinking about framing the apology letter he received. How often does a government agency ever admit to an error on its part?

Thought Boo would take a nap today due to the late night and early waking, but, no go. She’s still going strong. Maybe an early night tonight?

Drew will be home tomorrow or Wednesday. Finally. It’s been a long two weeks. How come “Two-week training” is always at least two and half weeks? Army math….

Going to have a cup of coffee and fold the laundry now. It’s almost time to go walk up to meet the boys after school.

Have a happy Monday.

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