Friday, August 28, 2009

My Camera is Not My Friend

I miss my old camera, the one Rachel baptized in Oliver's water bowl. Oliver is our old dog, so this happened before we moved here. Anyway, she dunked it in the water bowl. It tried to work for a little while before finally dying right before our Disney trip last October. You know if you're going to lose your camera, it will be right before the Disney trip, right? That's just how it works. Anywhooooo....

What I miss about it is that it was so easy to upload pictures from it to my computer. I would plug the little plug in and a window would pop up on the computer and voila, pictures would copy to my computer. Easy.

We have a new camera now. It was a really expensive, much more sophisticated model than our old camera which we got for a very nice discount at a store closing sale. Problem is, I'm not so good with sophisticated. I'm really a simple girl....

Now, this camera got dropped a while back, and we can no longer use the view screen at all because all you see is a cracked black and white screen, so you sort of have to guess and hope you're pointing it well to get the shot you want. But that is not my problem with the camera. I can live with that until we can get a new camera when we can afford to spend on things that are less important than food and rent.

No, my problem is that I took what I think will be some really cute pictures yesterday, but I cannot get them to upload to the computer. Everytime I plug the camera in, the upload softward tells me that there is no supported device attached and maybe I need to push a button on the camera dock. Friends, I have checked all the cables and stuff jerry-rigged to our computer, and everything is firmly attached, I have pushed every stupid button I can find and the program still can't find my camera.

My kids thought I was a little nutty yesterday because I was talking to the computer. "Yes, there is a camera attached you warthog faced buffoon. I just want to see my pictures. There are no more buttons to push!!" Sigh. I'm hoping Drew can figure it out this afternoon. The pictures are really cute. I think. Then again, it's highly possible they are not cute at all since I can't see through the screen.

I think it's time to find a new camera.

I'm going to go fold the laundry now.

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