Friday, August 28, 2009

Frightening and Heartbreaking

This is a bizarre story. While we rejoice that this woman was finally found alive 18 years after being kidnapped, I'm not so sure we could say she's been found safe and sound. What a horrible, horrible thing for her and for her family. What a tragically lost childhood. How can she not emerge from such a thing without deep, deep scars? I'm praying for her today.

As a mom, I just cannot imagine. I pray I never have to. It makes me much more aware that I really need to pay attention. One really heartbreaking thing, too, is that her stepfather saw the abduction as it happened and couldn't save her. What a thing to have to live with, and it ruined his life. He's been a suspect all these years and it killed his marriage.

There is such a thing as evil.


Laura said...

She and her family have been on my heart too. What an excruciating story! There truly can be no human way to overcome such evil and such circumstances. My prayer is that they come to know and trust the Lord in all of this!

Rebekah said...

Me, too, Laura. That is the only hope in this, or any, situation. I also pray that the abductor's crazy religious ramblings will not be an insurmountable stumbling block to her and her family coming to know the truth and to trust in Jesus.

HDMac said...

Oh... this has been heavy on my heart also. I do remember the news stories about this little girl being abducted... As a Christian, it is sooooooooo difficult to understand these things...and yet we know that God loves this girl... these children born to her and yes, even the abductor - but one day, he will meet His Maker... and also, agree and pray with rebekah that the false religious ramblings of this man will not hinder God's salvation and love to pour out to this family.