Monday, October 12, 2009

On the Menu for Tonight

Dinner by request of the birthday boy:

Homemade pepperoni pizza (his Sunday School teacher told me yesterday that he told her his mom makes the best pizza. I'm glad he's so easy to please, food-wise.)

Salad (to make me feel better by giving them something green)

Spiced "wine" (before anyone gets all hyper on me, we do not drink alcohol, for lots of reasons, which we won't discuss here today. The spiced "wine" came from a book he was reading about the Roman Empire because he is very interested in that part of history at the moment. In the book there was a recipe for spiced "wine" using watered down grape juice, honey, and spices - watered down the way they would have watered their wine back then, by the way. It was really good, so it's become a favorite special drink and he requested it for tonight.)

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting (his absolute favorite. I made my own frosting this time - it's just so much better, but I did use a mix for the cake.)

Hope he likes it. :-)

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