Friday, November 10, 2006


I love good mystery stories. They lend themselves so well to my favorite (and Hubby would probably say most annoying, yet endearing) habit - speculating on the motives of the characters and the outcome of the plot. Hubby calls this "Beckitating" or "Beckitations." As in, "You're Beckitating again," or "No, really, I like your Beckitations." We are not a huge TV watching family, but there are several shows I do like to watch: Jericho, Lost, CSI (the original in Nevada, not so much the other ones), Law & Order (most versions), Monk, and House. During most of the shows, I drive even myself nuts with my comments. Sometimes I have to physically put my hand over my mouth. I've told my husband that if he thinks I talk a lot, he would be totally amazed at the nonstop thoughts that I don't voice! So, with Lost going on hiatus for the winter, I'm left wondering if they are ever going to throw us a bone and give us a few answers. If not, this may be my last season. Like I said, I like the speculating, but it's only fun if you ever get to find out if you're right! They just keep us hanging.

It's a good thing my husband loves me and is totally committed to marriage for the long haul - we see this as a covenant, after all. I think I would have a really hard time living with me. Then again, he is becoming a master of tuning out the nonessentials and tuning back in when I say something important. Pretty important skill, if you ask me! Then again, this may be a man thing, as the boys seem to tune me out fairly regularly, too. But I'm learning how to tell if I have their attention or not. I'm also ok with being left to Beckitate away when I need to. That's one reason I started this blog. I've heard that men only use a limited number of words in a 24 hour period (sorry, can't off-hand remember the number) but that women use an exponentially greater number. Therefore, Hubby and sons have used up all their words by the time they get home from work and school, but I'm only about half-empty. So, I blog to relieve the pressure, I guess! Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, Tic Tac may have a higher than average capacity for talking. That child is not quiet unless he's sleeping. And then he snores. And Monk just asks non-stop questions - to the point where he misses the answer because he's so busy asking the next question. I guess both boys take after me a bit that way. And Boo, is trending toward talkative already, too. She just babbles away whenever she's awake. Kind of like me.

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