Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Smiles From My Sons

I got my hair cut today. I made mention in passing this morning that I was going to get it cut, and Monk said, "But I like it how it is!" I looked at my decidedly sheep-dog style in the mirror and almost laughed. Boo is 6 months old and prior to today I've had my hair cut exactly one other time since her birth. I've decided to go from really short and very layered, to longer and more feminine, but once my bangs start hanging in my eyes to the point where all I see is hair when I peer out, it's time for a trim. Anyway, it made me feel really good that my son thinks I look ok, even in my shaggy, disheveled state. I don't know if it's just that he really loves his mommy or if it's that he's being like his nicknamesake and fearing change, but it was sweet. I love it when you get a glimpse of the sweetheart underneath the rough and tumble little boy exterior.

Tic Tac pointed out a very interesting incongruity today. The boys got to go on a field trip with their classes to see the play "Cinderella," and they rode the bus. Of course, the bus is his favorite part. He said that he wishes he could ride the bus everyday. I asked him even if it meant I didn't drive him and walk him in to class and let him play on the playground after school? He said even then. Why? Because they don't have any seat belts on the bus. Now, file this under "Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmm." If I, driving my fairly safe van, am stopped and Tic Tac is not buckled and in a booster seat, I'll be in very big trouble. Yet, while riding in a large vehicle that is so unstable we cancel school during a mild tropical depression due to the fact that the school system doesn't feel confident running buses in the wind, no seat belts. Tic Tac told me every time the bus made a turn they were sliding across the seats. Hmmmm.

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