Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Seeking a Flu Shot

Because I wasted too much time on the computer yesterday, this was to be a blog-free day, but I just can't do it, it seems. I had to share this today.

Due to the fact that I've been on a two month quest to obtain a flu shot for myself, I found myself driving to the next town over to visit a pharmacy which is giving them for $25. I have been calling the military medical facility that is much closer and that would have given me one FOR FREE as an Army Reserve family member, but they were always either awaiting another shipment of vaccine or already out each time I've called since October. Keeping in mind that the little town we live in is the armpit of America, I called my doctor's office a few weeks ago and was told to call back today. When I did, I was told that only high-risk patients would be given the shot, but they'd put my name on the list if I wanted. Small tangent: the people who develop the flu vaccine each year have got to know that LOTS of us are going to be wanting it, so why can't they ever develop enough for all of us? Every year it's the same shortage. I don't understand how these things work, but as a mommy of little kids, I try to get the shot.

Back to today. My mother-in-law lives in that next town over and told me about the pharmacy thing, so in a fit of frustration I called her to ask if they still had flu shots there. Answer: yes. How come the military medical facility and the doctor's offices can't get it, but this pharmacy has had plenty for over a month now??? So, I packed up Boo and off we trekked - a 40 minute drive from "the island." I was first in line (woo-hoo!) for the flu shot clinic at 11:00am today. I filled out my paperwork and waited. Then I realized I was standing in the "confidentiality zone" by the front counter that is two whole steps from the waiting bench. I guess if you're sitting on the bench you won't be able to hear them talk to the person two steps in front of you at the counter?

So, I took two steps back and put Boo's carseat down in front of a little fish aquarium that was there, not really paying much attention to the normal-looking woman sitting on the bench. That's when the normal-looking woman said, "I'll move over, put the baby up here on the bench where she can see the fish." I just smiled, while thinking, "I don't think so." Then the normal-looking woman scooted over and promptly fell off the bench. Now I'm thinking, "Loopy!" But I said, "Are you ok?" while a worker from the store also asked if she was ok and helped her up. N-L woman says, "I'm fine, the bench just wasn't as long as I thought it was." Then she proceeded to strike up a fairly one-sided conversation with me and all the while I was thinking, "Her speech is a little off somehow and she's kind of strange. It's a little early to be drunk." So then she said, "Do you think since I did that that I'm dangerous?" I was thinking, "Starting to now....." But I said, "I just don't put her carseat up on benches." So she scooted back over and started talking. To the baby. Now I was thinking, "Please hurry up and call my name, please hurry up and call my name. Don't. Touch. The. Baby......" Then she reached out and touched.....the toy on the carseat handle. Now I'm thinking, "Great, now I have to take that toy off and wash it. Why is she in the pharmacy line? Is she contagious? I'm moving the baby RIGHT NOW." Then N-L woman said, "That must have been some head to push out." HUH??????? Stupid me, still trying to be nice, I said, "No, she was tiny when she was born." Then they finally called me back for my shot.

While I was back there, I happened to hear the name of the medication she was there to pick up. So much for the confidentiality zone. I kept on saying the name silently in my head so I could look it up once I got home. Guess what. It's an anti-PSYCHOTIC. No surprises there, I think. I'm glad to be home, for sure.

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