Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thankfulness in the School Lunchroom

The boys' school invited parents to come join the kids for Thanksgiving lunch in the cafeteria at their regular lunchtimes. Hubby and I met there and had lunch first with Tic Tac, then Monk's class came in for their lunch. It was neat to be able to eat with Tic Tac and see all his friends. He gets so excited about having us come visit. When I went over to sit with my oldest son, he had just come through the cafeteria line and he was sitting at his table with his eyes closed and head bowed. As I came up to him, his friend across the table was saying, "What are you doing?" The teacher was there and she said, "He's being thankful." He just kept on with his silent blessing until he was finished then I said, "Hi." The smile on his face was priceless. It thrills my heart to see him praying on his own there at school, because the greatest desire of my heart is for these kids to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ and have what we are teaching them become theirs, not just something they hear us talking about.

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