Monday, November 20, 2006

Having a Martha Monday

So, it's the Monday before Thanksgiving and I have SOOOOO much still to do. So what am I doing right now? Blogging of course. I needed a bit of a break while Boo Baby is happy for the moment. My little no nap wonder took about 45 minutes this morning - just long enough for me to clean the bathrooms, dust the living room and straighten up the kitchen. Now she's playing with her toys for a minute and I'm at the computer, but will have to make it quick.

For Thanksgiving this year we'll have my brother and his wife (coming tomorrow afternoon, and we're so excited!!), Hubby's parents and brother and us, of course. Usually we have some of the young military families from church over, but we've kind of got a housefull this year and not much table space, so we couldn't do that this year. Anyway, I'm trying to get the house in order, and it's not looking real hopeful. I just went into the boys' playroom and almost started crying. Looks like that door will stay closed, Mommy just doesn't have the energy or will to tame it ONE MORE TIME this week. Those women who have tons of kids are pretty amazing to me - they must really be organized with all their kids. I need to learn how to contain the chaos. Actually, I could probably go into the room with a few garbage bags and get rid of a lot of the stuff and no one would even miss it (more about that closer to Christmas probably......). Maybe part of the problem is my perfectionism, but I just cannot stand clutter. And we have lots of it.

The turkey is in the fridge to thaw, and has been since Saturday, but it's still feeling pretty rock hard to me. What happens if it's still frozen Thursday morning??? Hope everyone likes the side dishes! And I've just sent my third update to the last minute grocery list to Hubby at work. I did the major shopping on Friday (good thing since the van is in the shop today getting that driver's side window fixed!!!!!!), but I keep on thinking of little things we still need. Hope that last update was really the last. Hubby probably hopes that, too.

What is this holiday about? Oh, yes, being thankful. So, if the house isn't perfect and we're short something nonessential, no one will really mind, I know. We Martha types need to step back and remember that the important thing is the hospitality - paying attention to the guests themselves and enjoying the fellowship, rather than sweating over every detail. And remembering the many, many blessings we have. Oh, and rather than breaking out the china, we're eating off some fancy paper plates that my mother-in-law supplied. So there.

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