Friday, November 03, 2006

O Happy Day

Hooray!! After weeks, nay, months of the scale being stuck on a certain very unwelcome number, I've lost 2 pounds! I was starting to think maybe the scale was broken. Ok, it's not much, I'll grant you, but it's finally trending in the right direction. A week of salads for lunch, no snacks, lots of green tea (Yuck!) with Splenda, cutting sugar and taking calcium tablets seems to be having the desired effect. Oh, and I'm walking lots when little bits tolerates being in the stroller, too, and using an aerobics tape, though, I fear I am hopelessly uncoordinated when trying to follow the steps, but I keep moving! I love tea, so I'm drinking lots of it, and trying to add green tea, which I don't so much like, but I have found a decaf mint green that is pretty good. Now I've got 18 (or more) pounds to go - those 10 stubborn ones left from the pregnancy plus the 10 I was trying to lose before becoming pregnant. Unfortunately, I am NOT one of those women for whom breastfeeding causes wonderful weight loss. No, I tend to hang onto mine until the weaning happens. So 2 pounds is cause for celebration! I got a diet cherry Coke from Sonic today, and am hoping the caffeine won't affect my little one. Since she's only nursing half the time now, it will probably be ok. I had to start supplementing a formula bottle or 2 (and sometimes 3) throughout the day because she just wasn't satisfied. It seems that for all my kids, a formula-fed baby is a happy baby! I'll keep nursing for a while longer, but not feel guilty about the bottles. It's hard to feel guilty when she is so happy and giggly all the time now as opposed to cranky and fussy. Plus she's napping better and sleeping through the night consistently. All told, the girls in this house are having an all around great day. Now, if I could just lose weight as consistently as she's gaining.......

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