Friday, November 17, 2006

Goodies, Band-Aids and Baby Burps

I've been making the goodies I'm taking tomorrow to the baby shower we're hosting. It is all I can do not to cut into the Cranberry Bread right now!! It smelled so good baking, that I'm really wanting it, but, I'm holding firm. Thanks, Mom, for this good recipe - it came from a book we read when we were kids called, "Cranberry Thanksgiving." I'd copy the recipe here, but I'm pretty sure it's copywrited with the book it came from - look it up at the library; good story and good bread. We always had this at Thanksgiving time growing up, and now I'm sharing it with my kiddos, too. I wasn't quite as strong-willed while frosting the cookies, though. Had to make sure they tasted ok - I don't want to offer up something gross to the guests, right??? I guess I should have waited until after lunch to do this. The hardest thing about this time of year is eating right. There are just so many bad food choices available, and I've got such a long way to go on the weight loss quest.

Looks like the baby and I will be going for a walk after her nap and taking the dog with us. Yes, Oliver did not get a clean bill of health at his last visit. He is officially overweight now, too. That's what happens when he eats scraps from Tic Tac's side of the table. When we take him for a walk, I usually can stand about one trip around the loop with him, because he is just too hyper on a leash. He spends the first half of the loop winding himself the wrong way around every other mailbox or around the stroller. By the time we get to the duck pond, he's into trying to chase every squirrel he sees and he thinks it is his personal mission in life to catch those ducks. I have no idea what he thinks he's going to do if he ever catches one, but he talks big, anyway. We let Tic Tac hold the leash the other day, and Oliver pulled so hard trying to catch a squirrel, that he pulled Tic Tac right over and caused him to scrape his hands and knees. Poor little guy, and he's just too heavy to carry all the way back home, but he was ok once we put some band-aids on his ouchies. It's amazing how Band-aids just make it better. Even if he's not bleeding. Needless to say, Oliver gets dropped back at the house after one loop, and baby and I go on for a few more laps.

Speaking of the baby and the dog, yesterday I was feeding Boo and went to burp her. I heard, rather than saw, a big spit up over my shoulder and kept checking my shirt and the floor behind me, but didn't see anything. I figured it must have just been a really loud burp. Well, sometime later, the boys were playing with a neighbor friend and they said, "What's this white stuff on Oliver?" "OHHH," I said. "I guess that's where it went." No wonder Oliver was skulking around with his little stubby tail drooping. I didn't realize he was back there when she bubbled over. Gross. Serves him right for hovering and begging for food all the time. Guess he won't be pestering Boo for scraps for a while.

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