Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Big Game

Saturday is the Florida-Florida State game. This is a big rivalry! It also brings back a funny memory. When I was a sophomore at UF, we played Florida State at home in Gainesville Thanksgiving weekend. I had student tickets and wanted to go back for the game and I had a guest pass, too, so I took my little brother up with me for the game. We had a good time together looking at the campus and then at the game. After the Gators scored near the end of the game, someone's drink cup went flying over our heads, spilling the contents over us and the people below us. My brother looked at me with this surprised look and said, "That was beer!" Yep, it sure was. So, we two non-drinkers, college girl and high school little brother, got to drive back home to Mom & Dad's house smelling like beer. Ah, memories.

So, hopefully the Gators will keep up the tradition and beat the Seminoles even though they aren't in the Swamp this year.

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