Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Island Living Part 2

We now have a new pizza place that (theoretically) will deliver to "the island," and it's located just down the road from our neighborhood. We decided to try it out on the night that is probably the heaviest pizza delivery night of the year: the night before Thanksgiving. With brother & sister-in-law as guests, because we'd been cooking all day for the next day, we, with great anticipation, called the new restaurant and made our order. For the first time in 3 years we were to have pizza delivered hot and fresh right to our door. That was the plan, anyway. Sadly, we function on island time, after all......

After about an hour or so of grumbly tummy waiting, while kids were growing more antsy by the minute and I was having visions of our pizza driver riding on a tricycle or something, Hubby called again to track down our dinner. He was told that out of 5 scheduled drivers that night, only one had bothered to report to work. So, the manager of the neighboring town's pizza restaurant (about 45 minutes from here) was busily making pizzas and delivering them, and by the way, since he had us on the phone, did we know where this other address was located? Poor man didn't even know the area and was having to be out delivering pizzas on the busiest night of the year. Our pizza arrived shortly after that call, not hot, not all that fresh, but we were thankful anyway. And, yes, we tipped the poor man who was having to make all the deliveries due to the island non-work ethic that left him holding the bag that night. Wonder how long this pizza place will last on "the island?"

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