Friday, November 24, 2006

Travelling With the Kids

Well, we're in Florida. I haven't blogged about this trip until now, because we weren't 100% sure until this morning that we wanted to try this trip with Boo. But she did ok most of the way here, except for a couple of screaming jags and no quality naps, and the boys were great - it's amazing how well they travel now that Hubby has a portable DVD player we can use in the van. We don't let them watch much TV at home, so they actually look forward to long drives since they get to watch movies the whole way. I had practiced with Boo in her pack-n-play first and we decided that if she's tired enough, she will sleep in it - and we were right; she's sound asleep now without a peep. This should make it easier to travel in the future. I'll write more tomorrow if I get the chance about why we decided to come to Florida this weekend for a quick trip - going home Sunday.

We got to stop in Gainesville on the way, too and showed the kids where we went to school. They loved that! I'll try to put some pictures up once we are back home.

Oh, and yesterday was wonderful. The turkey did, indeed, thaw and the meal was nice and the fellowship even better. I wasn't too Martha-ish, just a little when the dishes needed washing up, but we all had a good time together. I hope our guests felt welcome and comfortable in our home, because we enjoyed them being there!

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