Saturday, November 25, 2006

What a Good Bunch of Kids

A good time has been had by all. We came to Florida this weekend for a surprise party for Hubby's Aunt B. and Uncle G. - celebrating their 40th anniversary. I think it was a good time, and I think they enjoyed all the family and friends being here. When we first heard this was being planned, Hubby really felt we needed to be here, but I was so nervous. Boo, for a long time, would not sleep in her Pack and Play. Last summer when the AC broke at our house (that's right, we had 4 days during the hottest part of a very hot summer with no AC), we could not get her to sleep in it in our room even though it was fractionally cooler than her room. So I was pretty sure that Hubby and boys would have to make this trip without Boo and me. But I worked and worked with her, and she finally slept two full nights in the dreaded Pack and Play at home, so we decided we could brave the 6 hour trip.

Now. I have to brag, brag, brag on my children today. First of all, they all did great on the drive here, like I said. Boo did have a couple of screaming fits in the car, but that was only because she was tired and wanted to stretch out. Understandable. Unnerving, but understandable. The boys got along ALL DAY. Today, though, all three were just stellar! Boo has been so pleasant and grinning at everyone and just happy - even though you can tell she's tired and out of her element. What a change a few months makes. This is the same child that just a few months ago people at church were asking me if she was EVER happy - asked by the same people who seemed to obsess about if I was still nursing her or not. (Don't you wish people would just keep their kind opinions to themselves???? I mean, really, when a mom has a semi-colicky baby - and we've had two, the last thing she wants to hear is, "Isn't she ever happy?" Just tell the mamma what a pretty baby she is and keep your comments to yourself, thank you very much.) But that's because she was still nursing every hour and a half and needing a nap right during church time - and, again, would only sleep in her bed, which makes for a miserable baby at church. Anyway, Tic Tac and Monk have also behaved awesomely. NO fighting, and they've just been sweet all day. Even though the party was all adults. And we know how boring that is when you're a little guy. So, thank you kiddos, for making your Mamma proud!!

By the way, GO GATORS. That's all I have to say about that.

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