Thursday, July 26, 2007

How Did You Find Your Favorite Blogs?

I mentioned in the last post how addictive sitemeter can be. Being a somewhat new blogger, I find it fascinating to know how people stumble across my blog. Some are obvious, like from a site where I’ve left a comment or from my association with Sola Moms a while back. Some I’ve never known how they found me. The funniest sometimes, however, are the results of Google searches. It’s fun to see the interesting or strange things people type into a search. Even more funny is wondering how these searches led them to my blog.

I’ve been collecting some of the more interesting Google search lines that have brought people to my blog. I’m really not so sure I want to be known by some of these, but it’s funny that they brought up my blog and that someone actually clicked on the link and registered a hit.

no more james dobson, greg laurie, td jakes, eddie long – Okay, this one makes sense due to a post I wrote like a hundred years ago in blogtime. This e-mail must be fighting a slow death, for this one still shows up once in a while. Hint, check if you have questions about e-mail hoaxes.

joyce meyer rick warren fakes – Hmmmmm………not even going to touch that one.

devotional over tea and christian women tea party favor and Christian devotions on struggle & patience – I guess all of these could be because of the blog name and the “devotional” tag label I use for some posts. I also get several hits a week for various combinations of “sweet,” “tea,” or “lemon.”

christian "quit graduate school" OR "quitting graduate school" OR "quit grad school" OR "quitting grad school" Jesus testimony OR testimonies OR testimonial – this one made me laugh out loud. For one thing, I think it’s the longest search line I’ve ever seen, but also for the topic of quitting grad school. I suppose it’s because I mentioned in my 100th post that I quit graduate school and I am Christian. I imagine that post wasn’t quite what this person was looking for!

keeping rice krispie treats from getting hard and getting marshmallow brownies out of the pan – These two made me laugh, too. They are tributes to my trials with Rice Krispy treats.

fun things to do in walt disney world that many people don't know about – Now, that would be an interesting post to try to write……

things to do with an 8 year old and kindergartener attitude crabby – Another two that make me laugh out loud, every time I look at them. I started thinking about someone who was just at their wits’ end with an 8-year-old deciding to go to the internet in desperation and it made a funny mental picture. And what kindergartner do you know that isn’t crabby once in a while?

chipmanzee – I guess other people pronounce it the same way M does, or they have dyslexic typing fingers that, disappointingly I am sure, led them to this post when they really just wanted information about chimpanzees.

exploding sandwiches –I just can’t read those words without laughing. I’m sure it pulls up my blog because of a post I wrote about the boys’ school cafeteria, but why would some one google it?

sweet love words to say to a woman – This one showed up three times in the past week. I have no idea why it pulls up my blog, and I’m positive they aren’t finding what they want when they search my blog, but whoever it is has spent a little time searching it!

picture of boy sticking finger in socket – This was the number one funniest result. I think it’s because of a picture I had on here once, but why in the world would anyone be Googling it??


Anonymous said...

I follow links and links...once I find a blog that I really like, I follow the links of people that comment - if they like the blog for the same reason we may have a lot in common.

I also read blogs that are very different than mine, so I can get a different perspective.


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I love to see what people have googled to end up at my blog! You are right - some of them are so funny and random.

I love to follow links from people's sidebars and blogrolls. I found you at Everyday Mommy and have enjoyed reading!

Lisa Spence said...

Funniest google search parameter according to my site meter (and let's just say up front I don't get that many readers in the first place so correspondingly very few google search hits): BIRD POOP

There you go. Life of a mom of four sons in a nutshell.